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    The World of Health a one stop holistic health and wellbeing information portal by health and wellbeing experts.

    A community of holistic, health and wellbeing experts; coaches, healers, therapists and teachers. Who want to encourage and educate a more holistic health and wellbeing approach.

    Aromatherapists, Bowen Therappy, Counsellors, Energy Healers, Health Coaches, Herbalists, Homeopaths, Hypnotherapists, Kinesiologists, Massage Therapists,  Meditation Teachers, Nutritionists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Reflexologists, Reiki Healers, Stress Management Consultants, Yoga Teachers

    The  World of Health is owned by healer, coach and therapist Eileen Burns, owner of Stress Coach Training.Supported by International Healer and Coach David Rabone, Soul Healer.   And Bobby Bashir, Natural Juice therapist and hotelier, owner of Soul Food Kitchen Glasgow



    Owner of The World of Health

    eileen burns the world of health

    Eileen began studying healing, holistic wellbeing and meditation over 25 years ago.

    She is a highly qualified therapist, coach, counsellor and healer trained in Stress Management, Coaching And CBT to university level.

    She provides online meditation, relaxation therapy, stress management courses and training for coaches and therapists.

    Coaching, meditation and mindfulness programs for kids and teenagers

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