Stress Thermometer – Identify How Stressed You Are

Stress Thermometer – How Stressed Are You?

Identify how stressed you are with the Stress Thermometer provided by Stress Management Expert Eileen Burns.

This simple stress monitor is a great way to assess your stress levels throughout your day. It is a widely used and highly effective stress management tool used to recognise, manage and modify your stress symptoms worldwide.


How To Use The Stress Thermometer Monitor


stress thermometer Infographic

Stress Thermometer Blue

Blue represents when you are in balance, you feel calm and relaxed such as meditating, on holiday, doing a relaxing hobby.

It goes from the most deepest aspects of relaxation and rest to being calm aware but not focused.


Stress Thermometer Green

Green is when you have some demands and stressors that are manageable or motivating.

This can be regarded as a bit of healthy functional stress when it feels sustainable.

This level starts at focused and active to functioning with effort.


Stress Thermometer Orange

Orange demonstrates and over reaction to stress when life’s stressors feel a bit less manageable and unsustainable.

Symptoms can include an inability to focus, an increase in heart rate, blood pressure muscle tension, digestive issues and insomnia.

Going into orange begins with feeling stressed, towards an inability to focus, going into the stages of overwhelm and overreaction which is a warning and should not be encouraged over longer periods of time.

We should only go into orange over short periods of time as it’s not sustainable for our health and wellbeing.


Stress Thermometer Red

Red is a big alarm for high levels of stress or trauma, very much in the fight, flee and fear response. It represents a critical state of stress, lack of control, shock or fear or severe stress.




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