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Mental Health Benefits Of Meditation

Mental Health Benefits Of Meditation

Mental health benefits of meditation in our stressful modern world. Learn why meditation is one of the most powerful life skills you can teach a child, teenager or adult. Why traditional forms of meditation are becoming increasingly popular in our fast-paced world.

Meditation is all about the art of awareness, conscious awareness, and state of being. In a modern world where we are bombarded with distractions, brainwashed, and conditioned to be in a state of doing. At a time when we are overwhelmed by information and stimulus, in toxic, plastic, manmade environments. We have become not only constantly stressed, anxious and confused. But totally disconnected from our self, so disconnected from nature, our natural habitat. On a conscious or unconscious level, we crave a much safer space of solitude, freedom, and spiritual connectedness. Something that meditation can give us.


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Main Mental Health Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation has become a popular self-help tool to reduce many modern mental health issues it is used to help

REDUCES ANXIETY : Meditating daily has been demonstrated in clinical research to be a useful aid in the reduction of chronic anxiety and anxiety disorders.

REDUCES STRESS: Meditating has demonstrated in clinical research to be highly beneficial in reducing stress. It is known to move one from the stress response,  the “fight or flight response” to the relaxation response. 

LOWER DEPRESSION: Daily meditation has been shown to be a helpful aid in reducing depression and other mental health issues when taught effectively. It helps reduce ruminative thinking, because it helps loosen over attachment to our monkey mind.

INCREASE CONCENTRATION AND FOCUS: Meditation has demonstrated in different research to help increase concentration and focus. The ability to perform certain tasks more effectively.

INCREASES CONFIDENCE: The art of meditation helps us move out of negative sabotaging thinking into a more natural authentic way of being. So we are naturally more confident.

IMPROVE SLEEP: Regular meditation encourages the body into a more natural rested state of being. Regular meditators witness an improved better quality of sleep.

Health Benefits Of Meditation

IN THE REDUCTION OF HEART DISEASE: Regular meditation practice can be a helpful aid in reducing heart disease and stroke. And useful at lowering symptoms of high blood pressure.

PAIN MANAGEMENT: Daily meditation encourages the body off the inflammatory response causes by chronic stress into the relaxed response. It is a useful aid in pain management and muscle tension reduction.

Medical Research On Mental Health Benefits of Meditation

Mental Health Benefits Of Meditation
Meditation Infographic – Mental Health Benefits Of Meditation


Clinical and medical research on the benefits of meditation has been going since the 1950’s. The study of meditation is a growing subdivision in neurological research.

We know Transcendental Meditation has been one of the most clinically researched styles of meditation. Studies suggested that when T.M. was taught properly it not only reduced anxiety and stress it helped reduce PTSD in veterans.

Now as a meditator of 28 years, who has studied a wide range of meditation styles including T.M. I have personally find other types of meditation alongside relaxation therapy is more safer and suitable for PTSD. But one thing is clear, meditation is a powerful life skill that I believe should be taught to everyone.

Meditation is something that should be taught in schools from a young age. Meditation has been shown not only to reduce the fight or flight response but it helps to reduce inappropriate emotional reactions. It can be a useful aid in anger management and PTSD. Meditation in prisons has shown to be beneficial when taught and practiced long-term with low intensity. We know that meditating has the ability to reduce emotional arousal as seen in a clinical study using Sahaja Yogic Meditators.

Another study on the “Effect of mindfulness meditation training on anxiety, depression and sleepquality in perimenopausal women.” Proved to be beneficial in reducing mental health issues specifically anxiety, depression and sleep issues.

What other life skill, help’s you experience inner calm, peace amidst the chaos, the sadness, and loss, in our crazy modern life. What other skill can be as simple and cost-effective to learn?

Meditation is becoming an increasing form of therapy in modern medicine. Meditation apps are becoming more popular to help with pain management and as an emotional aid for life-threatening conditions like cancer.

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