Health Bloggers Opportunities

Inquiring about our Guest Blogging Opportunities?

Please note: we only accept guest blog submissions from fully qualified holistic wellbeing practitioners with the right qualifications and expertise. For a variety of reasons, we do not accept blogs written by content writers or bloggers on topics you are not fully qualified in.

Our blogs are written by holistic and wellness professionals who have been studying health and wellbeing for many years. Most have spent many years to achieve the right training and qualifications these include but are not limited to; Holistic Dr’s, Degree Nutritionists, Degree Herbalists & Homeopaths, Psychotherapists,

Health and Wellness Coaches. Highly Experienced -Healers, Holistic Therapists, Meditation and Yoga Teachers…

We want to make sure our readers are getting the right health and wellbeing information from our site. Sadly in today’s society with so many training courses doing fast track training in many topics

normally taught over many years. There is often huge differences in many practitioners’ level of knowledge of skills in specific topics. With such a vast increase in health blogging, there is a lot of health and wellbeing information sites with poor and inaccurate content. Written by writers who clearly do not understand the topic they are writing about. So we want to ensure our audience is receiving the most accurate information when we can. We do understand every type of therapy and topic requires different types of skills and levels of knowledge. So if you do have a specific qualification and would like to be considered, we do consider everyone’s chosen topic etc individually.

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