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Guest Bloggers

Apologies but at the moment we have had to make the hard decision to take only accept Holistic Health Guest Bloggers in specialised areas such as below

Holistic Doctors who have a medical degree + other recognised qualifications

Like many holistic health and wellbeing websites, our seo rankings were seriously impacted by changes in google algorithms last year.  The changes caused many sites like ourselves to be impacted when google decided to give priority to health and wellbeing sites written or approved by medical doctors the priority google rankings.

The World of Health has always firstly aimed at promoting safe and effective use of holistic health and wellbeing practices. As someone who has used holistic wellbeing approaches, natural medicine, and nutrition for over 28 years I am passionate about supporting all wellbeing practitioners. But in the present climate to be recognised as still a valuable health and wellbeing blogging resource at the present moment we need to give blog priority to certain types of health practitioners. For more physical health articles our main blogs will now be provided holistic doctors, doctors of nutrition, mental health by psychotherapists and psychologists with a holistic approach. Especially as this site is mostly a health information site to help promote guest bloggers expertise rather than a commercial site


At present our site is in the process of being upgraded and rebuilt so please bear with us


Who Is The World Of Health

The World Of Health was the original business of Eileen Burns, therapist, coach and healer. And is now a group of holistic health and health practitioners who have been studying and working in health and holistic wellbeing for over 28 years. More details coming soon.


The World of Health Aim

Our main aim and purpose is to promote the latest, safest and effective information about holistic health and wellness. So our main aim is to offer blogs provided by highly qualified and experienced holistic wellbeing practitioners when we can.


Work Together, Share Together, Grow Together

We believe that by working together as a community, by sharing together as a community we all grow together.

If you have the right qualifications, experience, a guest blogger who is keen to increase their reach while supporting others increase their reach we want to hear from you. In return, we at The World Of Health will actively share your blog through a variety of social media platforms including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and other resources. Normally to an audience of at least 12000+ followers as we have a variety of holistic and spiritual sites.



Guest Blogger Requirements

We are seeking holistic doctors who blog who would like to increase their reach, gain the opportunity for extra promotion for their books, courses or expertise. You will be asked to provide us with your qualifications, hours of training, years of experience in the topics you want to write about.

You will be able to provide a highly informative and educational blog. Professional and well written for a native English speaking audience.

This is not paid posts but posts where we actively promote and support your work

All posts should be at least 800 – 2100 words. Quality and relevance should be your main priority. With each blog you can include 2 different personal links example one your website or social media post and a link to a product, lead magnet or event. And also 2 links to external high-quality related content that is relevant to your blog for example links to a medical research paper or authoritative page.


In return, your article will be submitted on our Facebook page, at least twice weekly on twitter for 4 weeks, then at least weekly. It will also be shared on Pinterest and viral marketing software we use. Also when deemed appropriate will be shared on some of Eileen’s other social media platforms.









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