Health Bloggers Wanted

Wanted Holistic Health Bloggers,  highly qualified health and wellbeing experts who blog. 

An opportunity for coaches, counsellors, healers, hypnotherapists,  massage or bodyworkers, nutritionists, therapists, meditation, mindfulness and yoga teachers to reach a wider audience.

To have increased exposure on twitter, facebook, pinterest, through viral marketing and SEO


Wanted Holistic Health And Wellness Bloggers for The World Of Health Blog


The World Of Health’s Aim

Our main aim and purpose is to help promote health and wellbeing. Share the latest, safest and effective information about holistic health and wellness. By highly qualified and experienced holistic wellbeing practitioners who are dedicated to making a difference in the health and wellness industry.


Work Together, Share Together, Grow Together

We at The World Of Health believe that by working together and sharing together as a community we grow together. 

If you have the right qualifications and experience, can write a highly informative professional blog on the area of your expertise, we would to hear from you. In return, we at The World Of Health will actively share your blog through a variety of social media platforms including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and other resources.

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Guest Health Blogger Requirements


We can only receive health and wellness blogs from guest bloggers with relevant and recognised qualifications in their topic of expertise. 

You must provide a quality blog that is informative and educational to our audience (an English speaking audience).


You will actively support The World Of Health Bloggers by sharing posts when you can on your own social media. You will never be expected to share anything non-relevant to your audience or what does not sit with your business’s best interests. But our ethos is to work as a community. Providing good quality information to your audience on social media is one of the biggest ways to nurture your audience. It helps increase engagement and reach.


 All posts should be 800 words- 2100 words, focus on quality and relevance is a priority


With each blog, you can include 2  different holistic wellness links example one your website or social media post and a link to a product, lead magnet or event. And also 2 links to external high-quality related content that is relevant to your blog for example links to a medical research paper or authoritative page.

Blogging Offer Until October 2019

In return, your article will be submitted on our main The World of Health Facebook page, at least twice weekly on our WorldhealthScot twitter for 4 weeks, then at least weekly. It will also be shared on Pinterest and viral marketing. Also when deemed appropriate will be shared on some of Eileen’s other social media platforms which are over 8,000 followers on different accounts


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