Sleep Therapy – How To Treat Insomnia Naturally

Sleep Therapy – How To Treat Insomnia The Natural And Holistic Way

Why Sleep Therapy is becoming more popular and effective at treating so many insomnia and sleep disorders today. Sleep Problems is a major problem for millions of people around the world. In the UK it has become a growing problem in not just adults but in teenagers and children.

In England alone, NHS statistics showed sleep disorder admissions for under-16s had tripled in just a few years in 2017 in-fact nearly 10,000 child admissions for sleep problems.

Why Sleep Therapy Is So Needed Today

In 2011 a survey by the Mental Health Foundation ” said that a survey of the nation’s sleep habits found that 30% are severely sleep-deprived, putting them more at risk of mental health and relationship issues.” Sleep Problems in the UK, NHS website.

According to an online survey by and a global survey by Philips in 2018. Brits roughly get approx 34.5 minutes less sleep each night than most other countries around the world. Working out at about 8.76 days of less sleep a year. One of the reasons sleep therapy is more needed than ever.

Main Causes Of Sleep Issues Today

The main cause of sleep disorders today is stress and over-stimulation. Most of us spend more time engaged in mental doing, mental ruminating, mental processing than anything else. Even children spend a large chunk of their day hooked into addictive and distracting technology, obsessive thoughts. Rather than living in a more natural state of being.

We have become so disconnected from our natural innate way of being that we are very disconnected from our body. And how our body naturally speaks to us. More and more of us are living further and further away from nature. To live and work in toxic, concrete, busy buildings, frying our brains and bodies with surges of EMF radiation, day and night. Is any wonder sleep disorders are becoming a pandemic problem in adults and children today.

Common Issues Of Sleep Disorders

We know that lack of good quality deep sleep, impacts our health and wellbeing, our mental, emotional and physical stress resilience. Adequate sleep is a necessary part of any stress management, health or wellbeing program. Poor sleep leads to a wide range of related health issues including

Low Mood and Depression

Lack Of Motivation

Lack Of Concentration and Focus

It can contribute to weight gain and obesity

Increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease

Increased risk of diabetes and hypoglycemia

Poor performance and poor decision making at work

It can seriously impact one’s self-esteem, self-confidence

Biggest Sleep Snatchers

Some of the most popular causes of sleep disorders in the modern world is

Stress, Anxiety and Over-stimulation

Technology Overload

Caffeine and Nicotine

Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Overstimulation of the mind

Lack of physical exercise

Toxic Environment

Noise Pollution

Other common problems include bad bedtime hygiene such as watching late-night TV, spending late hours on led, computer or mobile devices. Taking homework or work or even problems to bed instead of some calming hobbies before bed.

A Sleep therapist can help you change your habits, your routine in a natural, stress-free way.

sleep therapy treat insomnia

Top Tips For A Good Night Sleep

A Nice Clean And Tidy Bed and Bedroom not only makes going to sleep more pleasurable. But can really help support a more calm and relaxed mind.

Reduce Food Stimulants such as caffeine and sugar as early in the day and evening as you can. If you have a sweet tooth or love your coffee, the best times to consume these stimulants is before 3 pm during the day.

Learn to Relax, most people don’t realise how stressed, anxious and over-stimulated they are. The ability to relax and switch off is vital in helping you drift off into a deep sleep. Most Sleep or Relaxation Therapists or Sleep Therapy Program will teach you how to relax.

Exercise Early In The Evening, this not helps walk-off extra stress but improves heart rate and general wellbeing. And will, in the long run, help you have more energy. Most people today complain of fatigue or exhaustion that is caused by mental exhaustion not physical exhaustion. Unless you have a serious fatigue disorder like M.E, C.F.S or Lyme. Getting enough physical exercise during the day will, in the long run, support better sleep and better health. be honest how much time do you spend sitting, driving, watching T.V.

Switch Off Technology. Unplugging technological devices such as TV, computers, radios, mobile phones at least 30 minutes before bed is an integral part of any sleep therapy course. Electromagnetic radiation can not only affect your health and wellbeing but repair process during sleep.

Learn To Meditate. Meditation is something I suggest to everyone. Meditate throughout the day to keep your anxiety and stress levels down. The more calm and relaxed you are during your day, the more calm and relaxed you will be going to bed.

Switch To Natural Sleep Remedies.  Stop relying on prescription medication. Add sleep supporting essential oils to a warm relaxing bath. Encourage your partner to give you a nice relaxing aromatherapy hand or foot massage. Essential oils that can help aid sleep include Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Frankincense and Vetivert. I use Lavender with ylang-ylang, or ylang-ylang with Frankincense. Doterra has some fabulous high quality and organic essential oils ethically sourced from the best growers around the world. You can check my online shop Click Here 


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Are You Ready To Sleep Like A Baby?

Learn powerful sleep therapy techniques that will help you re-train your mind, body and emotions how to sleep. How to sleep like a baby again.

This Sleep Therapy Program will teach you all you need to know


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    MMA works to improve mental, emotional and physical health through meditation and mindfulness training for educators, families and professionals in Perth

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    MMA works to improve mental, emotional and physical health through meditation and mindfulness training for educators, families and professionals in Perth

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    Nice and informative article. Insomnia is really a threat for our mental health. I have seen many more people suffer for this shitty disease.. It is harmful both for mental and physical health.

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  • July 13, 2021 at 8:21 am

    For the last few days, I couldn’t sleep properly even after taking medicine. And I noticed some bad effect on my health. After reading your article, I was start to follow your instruction like I switch off my phone before go to bed, tried to ignore stress. And its really worked. I successfully reduce my problem. Thanks for sharing your article.

    • October 13, 2021 at 7:12 am

      Jason glad you found switching off your phone helpful, that and learning a relaxation technique, reducing stimulants can make a huge difference in treating sleep issues

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    Excellent tips! In my case there have been two reasons one is stress and the next is watching television even when I felt sleepy.

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