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Clean Eating – 5 Steps To Eat Clean

 Clean Eating

What is Clean Eating? And how can you start eating clean today?. Why is cleaning eating becoming increasingly popular and supposed to be so good for our health and wellbeing?

What Is Clean Eating?

Clean eating basically refers to eating foods that are in their more organic, raw, natural and whole state. Rather than eating adultered, processed, modified foods. Foods that are baked and/or cooked foods with trans fats, additives, refined or artificial sugars. So clean eating is not a faddy diet or weight loss program but a more natural way of eating. That naturally helps you become more healthy and often lose excess wait.

Clean Eating in many ways is the natural way our ancestors consumed their food. This is how we were supposed to eat before foods became genetically modified, sprayed with chemicals and pesticides, or injected with hormones. In-fact then most people would eat their food with minimum adulteration. They would pick fruits and nuts straight from the trees, dig up vegetables from the garden or land. And other than cooking or pickling there were no added artificial sweeteners or highly refined sugars.


Clean Eating Is healthy eating

A more clean diet helps you choose high-quality, high-nutrient, more raw and organic food sources. To support and encourage more optimal wellbeing. The purer, fresher and more raw our food is the more nutrients, energy, fuel it has to repair, restore and heal the body. Clean eating is great for the skin, it is a natural detoxifier. Unhealthy eating means our organs, digestive, and detox system has to work so much harder. With a cleaner diet, the body is in a more natural state of homeostasis.


Worldwide Addiction To Unhealthy Eating

Today people are dying, getting sick because of their unclean and unhealthy diet. Data from the 2009-10 National Health and Nutrition Examination showed evidence that 58% of the american diet was from ultra-processed food.According to the Guardian “UK families buy more ultra-processed food than any others in Europe, amounting to 50.7% of the diet. Germany comes second, on 46.2% and then Ireland on 45.9%. ” Salt, sugar, highly processed carbohydrates, and trans fats are causing so many health issues from obesity to diabetes, heart disease to overstimulation.

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5 Easy Steps To Clean Eating

    1. Buy Fresh Produce – Choose as much fresh produce, loose produce that you can. Most clean food can be bought loosely, has no or very little packaging think about fruit, vegetables, raw nuts, raw seeds, fish, meat
    2. Clean Your Fresh Produce – Clean all fruit and vegetables as soon as you bring them home, before putting them in the fridge or cupboard. Simply 1 part white vinegar to 4 cups of water.
    3. Eat Organic When You Can – Choose organic when you can, you would be surprised how dirty and polluted many fresh foods are with chemicals, hormones, pesticides. Check out the dirty dozen foods that have the most pesticides and toxins, these are the ones you should try and by as organic when possible. If any of your fruit and vegetable were in a box or bag, check out the country they were grown. Some countries use more pesticides than others.
    4. Eat Raw When You Can – Your diet should contain as many raw fresh plant-based foods that you can eat. Except perhaps in the more winter months, when you eat should be eating lots of healthy hot soups, healthy stews, lentil casseroles without additives, grilled fish or meat. Prepare little snack boxes of fruit and vegetable crudites for snacks. Have a healthy juice or smoothie as part of your breakfast.
    5. Don’t Fry Your Food – Reduce your temptation to fry, especially using oils that turn into transfats, try to bake or grill when possible.


Clean eating in many ways is part of a more naturally healthy way of life. It helps you realign with what is important and healthy for you and your family’s wellbeing. With simple gradual changes in your diet and buying habits, you will soon be adopting a clean eating lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more about why you should be eating organic.

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  1. Great article. This article is really well written and I agree with everything you said. Having a healthy lifestyle change your life so much, you feel more motivated, you feel productive and you feel more active.
    Really nice article. Keep it up.

  2. Very informative article! Ideally, organic food should be there on the shelves but the problem is the lack of availability, A great option would be to grow vegetables in our homes, if possible in the gardens, in case of shortage of space, lots of people are growing their vegetables in the pots. You are right about the ill-effects of the fried food.

    1. Yes, John, I agree about availability of organic food and it is more expensive. Definitely growing more in our gardens when we can, should be really encouraged. even for those who don’t have gardens or are housebound, there is so many great indoor vegetable growing kits and devices available.

  3. Yes we should eat clean and balance diet. We should eat organic and pure foods. Article contain very useful knowledge the infographic is very clear. thanks for sharing with people.

  4. I always try to eat clean and healthy food. My father is a farmer who lives in the village and he always send me organic foods to my town for me. After reading this article, I think I should give an salute to him.


    1. Yes we sometimes take for granted the small things. That is nice that your dad sends you organic food

  5. Incredible and straightforward strides on clean eating that anybody can follow. Smart dieting is so regularly over-convoluted. It truly doesn’t need to be more troublesome than the five stages you notice in this article

  6. Informative and excellent article. In this Pandemic, everybody realized how important to eat healthy food. This article encourages going Organic and growing veggies at home and eating.

  7. Excellent suggestions! Clean eating is definitely the way to go. I have been trying to throw processed food that includes sugar out of my plate since the past 2 months and I have succeeded mostly. Sometimes I do give into the temptation but that has become rare and I feel better, no bloated stomach now.

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