Anusha Ganesen

Anusha Ganesan – Nutrition Adviser and  Content Writer for The World of Health


Anusha Ganesan holds a Master’s degree in Nutraceuticals and a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Food Science and Nutrition. She is a nutrition content writer for The World Of Health alongside her works as a Technical Associate in a techno-marketing company in the Nutraceutical Niche.

She has a strong interest in dietary supplements and nutrition alongside SEO and social media.

She is an ardent music lover who spends her leisure hours singing and listening to some great melodies of all time.

Anusha Ganesen Nutrition Blogs

Vitamin D Deficiency Causes And Treatment



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organic nutrition



Eating Healthy with Organic Food 

In this Free Ebook you will learn why you should be eating as much as organic food as you can.

Why you should be eating food free from toxins, free from pesticides and chemical sprays


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