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Eileen Burns

Owner of The World Of Health

Eileen Burns is the original founder of The World of Health . She has been studying healing and holistic wellbeing for just under 30 years. The World of Health was originally launched in 2000 as a holistic health directory and newsletter as she built up her stress management and therapy service.

 As the business grew into a stress management training service to local education, charity and health sector in Lanarkshire and Glasgow, Eileen changed the business eventually to Stress Coach Training.

Eileen always plannedto re-develop The World Of Health into a worldwide holistic health and wellness information portal by holistic wellbeing experts around the world and now shes making that happen. As a dedicated healer and therapist who has always invested highly in continued education and learning.

Eileen is highly experienced and qualified stress advisor, coach, healer, therapist and meditation teacher. Who provides online training for students wishing to Become Relaxation therapist & Teachers. Her training is one of the most highly professional and extensive training in online relaxation therapy training there is.

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