Are Hostas Edible? Can You Really Eat The Common Garden Hosta Plant

Are Garden Hostas Edible ?

Are Hostas Edible? The Common Garden Hosta Plant

So Are Hostas Edible? Can you actually eat this common garden plant? What are hostas, where did they originate from and what are their nutritional properties?


What Are Hostas?

Hostas are extremely hardy perennial plants that most gardeners love for a variety of reasons. This includes its low maintenance, its generous lush foliage, and its forgiving nature. As a plantain lily, they are easy to grow, easy to maintain, they don’t need full sun and can thrive in the shade. They also come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to suit different types of gardens.


Different Species Of Hostas

There are now over 2,500 varieties of hostas. Common hosta species are H. Fortunsi which blossoms a pale lavender flower in spring. H. montana are one of the most popular perennial hostas for shady areas. H. Decorata a native of Japan that has dark green leaves and in summer deep blue blooms.


Origins Of Hostas

Hostas originate from the Orient but were brought to Europe in the 1700s. Also known in Japan as Urui they are regarded as a wild plant that people used to pick from the mountains.

Are Hostas Edible - The Garden Hostas You Can Eat


Hostas Can Add Depth And Texture To Any Garden

My neighbour absolutely loves hostas, so much so that she inspired me to buy a few for my garden. They naturally add extra lush and depth to any garden. Especially if you use different types and sizes of hostas.


Are Hostas Edible? Are They Really Safe To Eat?

I was really surprised to read an article that said hostas were edible. So are hostas edible? Let’s look at the research.

According to my research the Japanese eat hostas as a vegetable as they actually belong to the asparagus family.

Here are some of the most recommended hostas for eating and cooking

  • Hosta fortunei.
  • Hosta longipes
  • H. montana.
  • H. sieboldiana.
  • Hosta sieboldii.

Nutritional Properties Of Hostas

In fact, there has been research done in Japan, on the macro-mineral content of Hostas. Analysis of essential macro-micro mineral content of twelve hosta taxa HasanMehrajabYasuyoNishimurabKazuhikoShimasakib

Hostas edible contain high levels of Calcium, Vitamin K, P, Magnesium, Maganese, and Zinc.


Making Hostas Edible

How To Harvest Hostas

Most research suggests the tastiest part of the hosta is the young hosta shoots that taste like asparagus but in Japan they cook both the young shoots and the leaf stems.

To harvest hostas you don’t need to ruin the full plant, simply harvest around the perimeter of the plant. Hostas are very forgiving and grow rapidly.


How To Cook Hostas

Top Tips on how to cook and eat hostas.


How To Cook Young Hosta shoots;

Cut the young hosta shoots before they are fully open and unfurled. To make hostas edible saute or roast the full shoot or chop the shoot in oil or butter or use as an ingredient in a stir fry. They can also be boiled like asparagus or made into a soup. Or use them to make a Kimchi such as this Hostas Shoot Kimchi Recipe


How To Cook Hosta Leaves

Tender older shoots and leaves are best served blanched and sauteed as a vegetable side dish.


Some Hosta Recipe Dish Links

Hosta Recipe Dishes

Edible Hostas Shoot Miso Soup

Cheesy Roasted Hosta Shoots


Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Hosta Plant

Hostas tend to thrive in shady areas where they tend to maintain their healthy darker green foliage.

They love a low ph of rich organic soil, they grow deep and wide so plant a hole 1/3rd of a meter deep.

Once established Hostas tend to be very enduring in most soils for years to come.


Where Can I Buy Organic Hostas Edible To Grow In My Garden

Some of the best places to buy organic hostas to grow in the UK include


Sue Proctor Plants*

But I would do my own research, things often change from year to year.


Advantaged Of Growing Your Own Organic Hostas To Eat

One of the big advantages of growing your own food is you get to know exactly what your food is grown in. You don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals or pesticides, contamination from plastic, or other types of toxic wrapping.

Which is why I would ensure if you plan to eat your Hostas you make sure you buy organic hostas from a reputable company. I hope you enjoyed this blog and will explore other plants that maybe in your garden that are edible.


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