Chronic Anxiety Triggers That Cause Anxiety Disorders

anxiety triggers chronic anxiety disorders

Chronic Anxiety Triggers That Commonly Cause Anxiety Disorders

Chronic Anxiety Triggers that are common causes of chronic anxiety disorders. Anxiety triggers that you need to address today to stop falling into the chronic anxiety cycle.

Chronic Anxiety is sadly an increasing problem. According to the Association Of Anxiety And Depress in the USA 18.1% of the american population suffer from anxiety disorders but only just over  1/3 of those suffers actually get treatment. According to the NHS 5% of the UK population suffer Generalised Anxiety Disorders ( GAD). 8.2 million cases of anxiety in the UK  in 2013.

Chronic Anxiety is a big problem and something I saw greatly in my one to one clients over the last 20 years. So many who came to me for help with stress were actually suffering from disabling symptoms of chronic anxiety. 

So What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety itself is something everyone experiences in their life it is the worry, the concerns, the fear and tension. Anxiety is generally viewed as a common and normal response to specific life situations. Until it becomes chronic anxiety, an anxiety disorder, a mental health disorder. Anxiety like stress is generally directly connected to our perception of a situation.

Anxiety And Stress Hormones

If you perceive something as frightening or uncomfortable, your body produces a level of stress hormones to match.  A little bit of fear releases enough adrenaline and cortisol to cause low-level symptoms of anxiety. But a situation perceived as extremely frightening will create enough stress hormones to produce the fight, flight or freeze response. That is why teaching anxiety sufferers, stress management, and relaxation techniques is so important and helpful. Relaxation Therapy is highly effective at reducing chronic anxiety problems, a visit to a Relaxation therapist can be very helpful.

But there are other biological factors that can make someone more vulnerable to anxiety and stress. Hyperthyroidism and other thyroid issues can increase anxiety and stress levels. Optimal wellbeing relies on a balance of the body’s hormones. Oxytocin is another horm one that can play havoc with the body in relation to anxiety and stress. Oxytocin although known as the love and bonding hormone is also the hormone that causes you to remember those traumatic experiences. So can play a part in PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.Magnesium deficiencies can be a contributing factor to some mental health issues

An anxiety disorder is when anxiety overtakes your ability to function healthily and happily in your everyday life. When you suffer an anxiety disorder everyday situations become filled with feelings of fear and threat. You think and react as if you are in physical danger, you become more stressed. Anxiety disorders happen when chronic anxiety has not been addressed when daily anxiety triggers or trauma has not been healed or managed.


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What Triggers Chronic Anxiety Disorders

7 Common Anxiety Triggers That You Need To Address

Worry About Being Late: Do you get anxious about being late for work? Anxiety triggers about being late for that meeting or about getting the kids on time for school? Do you constantly rush about with a sense of urgency and drama? Worrying about being late is an everyday anxiety trigger that many people suffer from. Now for most people, the main cause of being late is poor organisation or time management issues.  But for other people, no matter how early they leave home for work or that appointment they will spend most of the time ruminating over all sorts of possible scenarios in their mind. The what if’s if they are late, what if I get fired, what if I can’t get a new job, what will my partner say, what will… When we are not fully in the present moment, we give our power away to the monkey mind, the ruminating.  If you do tend to run a bit little, leave things till last-minute. It’s time to get more organised, save yourself the stress and anxiety. It simply isn’t worth it.

Fear Of Conflict: A common anxiety trigger for many people especially empaths, highly sensitive people and those with self-esteem issues is fear of conflict. Not addressing relationship issues at home and work can cause not just of anxiety, but increased levels and depression.  Avoiding the problem, hiding your head in the sand can often lead to other problems. Some issues if not dealt with will lead to further causes of anxiety. Working on self-worth, self-esteem and assertiveness skill can encourage healthier communication. But again when learn to be more in the moment, the thoughts that normally trigger our fear, tension or stress start to disappear.

Health Concerns: For many people health concerns about their own health or a loved one is a major cause of serious anxiety. Those with chronic anxiety disorders will often constantly worry about everyone’s’ health and wellbeing. They will often make a fuss or get irrational over the smallest symptom. Parents particularly have to be aware that their children will often pick up on their anxiety. So it is important to address and treat any anxiety issues that you have. A child who lives around a lot fear will become fearful, will become disempowered. If your health concerns are related to a previous experience or trauma. It is important to address the issue. I have found Bach Flower Essences extremely supportive in helping clients with various chronic anxiety issues. Rescue Remedy is a useful all-rounder for many things. It is useful for everyday anxiety and general anxiety disorders.

Social Situations:  Socialising, all sorts of celebrations or events can trigger a great deal of anxiety for a lot of people. So many people associate certain times of the year or specific types of situations with painful or traumatising experiences. The thought of these situations can bring all sorts of anxieties up to the surface. The flower essence Start of Bethlehem which is also in Rescue Remedy. Is an extremely helpful flower essence that can help us let go of old trauma we are holding onto in our cellular body. particularly those traumas that still have a charge, that still causes a fight or flight reaction. Again it is our thoughts, the stories we tell ourselves about the situation that can be the biggest problem. In these situations, no 2 can be the biggest worry for many people. If you are highly Empathic or a HSP you mind find many social situations extremely exhausting, overwhelming, too noisy. So a practical tip is to have a backup plan to go home early or to bring an ally for extra support. But remember anxiety is not triggered by the situation but what you believe about the situation

Public Speaking: Most people hate public speaking, they hate having to do that talk or presentation. So when that job comes up at work, they will not only worry about for weeks. But will often do anything to sabotage or avoid the task in hand, which can lead to more problems. Again, if you are not organised or prepared, you are leaving room for more anxiety and pressure. And once again it’s all about your thoughts about the public speaking, the what if’s is causing your anxiety, not the actual situation.

Money Worries: Although most of us are living a more financially comfortable life than any of our ancestors ever did. A big source of anxiety for a lot of people is money and financial security. Again ruminating over the what if’s or over past situations when you financially struggled.  Will keep you in a state of anxiety. If you have serious financial worries, getting the right advice from a financial advisor can help. They will often give you expert advice, to take more positive actions towards reducing the pressure you are under. 

Consuming Stimulants: What are you consuming daily that is triggering or exacerbating anxiety? Caffeine, sugar,  artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, nicotine are all stimulants that can trigger anxiety. Overuse of stimulants triggers the fight or flight response, which increases the likelihood of cortisol dysfunction.  Daily consumption of stimulants can cause sugar imbalances, inflammation and a variety of other health issues. Reducing your caffeine or stimulant intake can help reduce your anxiety levels, can help curb the anxiety cycle.

The biggest challenge that Chronic Anxiety Sufferers have is STOPPING the chronic anxiety cycle of rumination, fear and trauma. This can be easily achieved when we treat anxiety with a holistic approach. Supporting the client towards a more balanced state of mind, body, and emotions.

Chronic Anxiety can be healed, chronic anxiety disorders are not something you just need to live with. If you suffer from GAD Generalised Anxiety Disorder, panic attacks, or any form of chronic anxiety issues. Get professional help. In my role as Stress therapist, Counsellor, and Coach I saw clients who had suffered for decades before seeking help, The longer people leave anxiety issues untreated or addressed the bigger hold it often it has over the life and sometimes can take longer to treat. But it can be treated, it can be eliminated with the right approach

When you understand your anxiety, understand your symptoms. It takes the fear out of the symptoms and helps the client become more aware of the thought patterns, the conditioning, and fears that need to be addressed. With the right stress and anxiety management tools, you become empowered, you stop suffering and start to feel free.

Eileen Burns, owner of Stress Coach Training, she is a highly qualified Stress Management Expert, therapist and Coach who has been studying holistic wellbeing and various forms of therapy for the last 28 years.

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