Why Choose Homeopathy For Children

Why Choose Homeopathy For Children and Infants - Homeopathic Medicine For Children by Naturopath Karen McElroy.

Why Choose Homeopathy for Children? Supporting children’s health naturally through homeopathy by Naturopath, Karen McElroy.

Why Choose Homeopathy For Children

As any parent will know, the rapid growth and development a child goes through from birth through to early adulthood is phenomenal. This growth requires abundant energy and good vitality. One of the best things to remember when making choices for your kids is that “children are not little adults.” Kids are sensitive, they are still growing and have their own needs and requirements as they follow their own trajectory of development. We should try to minimise ‘adult’ environmental conditions before our children are old enough to handle them. This is true of everything from the dosage of medication, exposure to processed foods to television shows, the news, and other adult topics of conversation. 

Developmentally, a child’s organs do not reach maturity until the teenage years. As such, they are less effective at handling toxins, through the kidneys or liver.  So when it comes to medicines and foods, wherever possible we should consider safe and natural options like homeopathy for children. Supporting children’s health naturally with gentle medicine options and quality nutritious foods gives them the best start in life.


Why Homeopathy For Children And Infants Is So Popular

Like all plants and animals, our bodies have an innate intelligence or natural capacity to heal and self-regulate. This inner power or vital force is understood and harnessed in all-natural health traditions and is seen to govern growth and development as well as healing and repairs of the body.  So long as the environment is favourable to our body, this innate vital force does a great job of keeping us healthy. The environment is everything from the food we eat, to our sleep quality, our home life, and relationships. So when children are sick, we must identify where the imbalance has occurred and endeavour to make changes to allow the body to heal.  Consider for example, whether there is enough nutrition being provided, whether sufficient sleep is being obtained or whether there is too much screen time or stress and disharmony in the home. An imbalance that leads to symptoms and illness can often be remedied by making necessary changes in the environment. 


Homeopathy For Children And Infants

In some cases, additional natural medicines can be offered that can help support faster healing or strengthen the constitution and can be especially useful when the environmental conditions are difficult to change or will take some time to be effective. Homeopathy for children is a great tool to support children’s health naturally. Homeopathy has a natural affinity with children and offers a very safe and effective option for many health complaints.


Homeopathy was founded by Samuel Hahnemann, a German medical doctor who, by a chance experiment, discovered that some plants could cause a range of symptoms, but when the same plant was used in a much smaller diluted dosage, it could treat the same symptoms. This came to be known as the Law of Similars, or ‘like cures like’. Broader principles of homeopathy were developed along with foundations of natural medicine practice, giving rise to the homeopathic tenets that remedies should be gentle, do no harm, have a rapid impact on symptoms, and deal with the underlying root cause of the disease. A reason homeopathy for children and infants is so popular.


Homeopathy has continued to be a popular medicine and despite modern medicine’s focus on powerful drugs and big profits, new scientific understanding of energy and the quantum field suggest that the body has many layers from the physical to the vibrational/energetic, and thus homeopathic medicines can work on the more subtle layers to effect change right across the body.


Homeopathic medicines come from many different natural substances, including minerals, plants, and animals. They aim to treat the whole person, and thus symptoms are evaluated on both the physical body level as well as the level of the mind in order to find a remedy that matches closely. Finding a remedy that displays as many similarities to the symptom picture gives the best chance of it working. There are remedies for just about every health complaint, and many symptom pictures can be found in more than one remedy, so honing in on the best one, with the best match to the child’s illness picture is important. 


Popular Homeopathic Remedies For Children

Some popular homeopathic remedies for children’s health complaints include Pulsatilla for cold, coughs, and clinginess, Chamomilla for teething and diarrhoea, and Arnica for bumps, sprains, and bruises. When selecting a remedy, a process called repertorising is used by a homeopath, where all the symptoms are listed in as much detail and then cross-referenced with the remedy picture to ensure the correct remedy is found.


Homeopathic medicines are normally dispensed in small sucrose pilules that have the remedy absorbed into them or they are suspended in liquids. They are easy to administer to children and they are very safe as the physical substance has been diluted and there is no risk of overdose. Remedies come in different potencies, from very low potency which is closest to the physical substance, through to very high potency that has a higher frequency imprint of the medicine. Generally speaking, the lower potencies are used for more physical health issues, while the higher potencies are used for more emotional and mental symptoms. A popular mid-range potency is 30c, which means the remedy has been diluted and potentised 30 times.  


Homeopathic First Aid Kits And Remedy Books

While simple homeopathic first aid kits and remedy books are available and useful for administering at home for straightforward conditions, it is important to always have the backup of a medical professional to support and guide you in managing your child’s health, and serious health issues should always be treated and managed by a qualified health professional or doctor. Next time your child is struggling with a health issue, step back and see what is out of balance, make some healthy changes to their diet or lifestyle and consider using some homeopathic medicines to support your child’s return to health and vitality. Meanwhile, check out Karen’s Homeopathic First Aid Kits and Kids Healthy Lunchbox Book

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