Trauma and the Physical Body

Trauma and the Physical Body by Dr Melanie Salmon   Chronic pain is not always the result of physical injury, it may be the body’s response to a traumatic event   Not only damaging to our mental health, trauma can also have an incredible impact on our physical body. Some chronic pain complaints, for example, can be attributed to residual trauma, our body responding to past events through muscle tensing.   So, what is chronic pain? What types of chronic…

Living With Hyperacusis – Noise Sensitivity

The Challenges Of Living With Hyperacusis The Challenges Of Living With Hyperacusis. What is Hyperacusis?  And why is hyperacusis such a misunderstood and extremely challenging condition? So What Is Hyperacusis? Hyperacusis is an abnormal sensitivity to sound. For those suffering from severe hyperacusis, it can be an extremely debilitating hearing condition that doesn’t just cause discomfort but for someone like myself at times horrendous pain. Now sadly some people confuse Hyperacusis with Misophonia which is a dislike to particular sounds….