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Organic Remedies – Main Difference Between Natural Remedies

Organic Remedies

What is the Main Difference Between Organic Remedies and Natural Remedies?

Are organic remedies and natural remedies the same or different?

What about organic medicine and natural medicine?

Well first of all it’s important to explore what Organic And Natural means:

What is Organic?

Anything that is Organic means it is entire growth and production is free from chemicals and toxins, for example, free from anything that is not a natural fertilizer, pesticide, or preservative.

Organic And Natural – What is the difference?


The biggest difference between an organic remedy and a natural remedy is that both remedies may be made by the extraction or blend of ingredients from nature for example a plant; vegetable, fruit, or tree.

In the cultivation and growth of the ingredients, the plant or plants the remedy is made up of must be completely free of anything inorganic or manmade from seed to end of production.

Organic Certification Of Organic Products

Anyone who manufactures an organic product needs to pass what is regarded as organic certification. For example, we recommend a lot of NYR Organic Products because we use them ourselves. Neal Yard Remedies sell a variety of natural remedies, some are organic natural remedies, and some are organic essential oils. Anything that is clearly organic has to be clearly labeled.

The biggest difference between an organic remedy and a natural remedy is that both may be extracted from nature for example a plant, vegetable, fruit, or tree. In the cultivation and growth of the plant, the plant or plants the remedy is made up of must be completely free of anything inorganic or manmade.

Natural Medicine

This means that natural medicine although medicine from nature isn’t necessarily organic medicine, neither is a natural remedy automatically organic remedy it is important to check the ingredients and or label of the product. 

We have included some of our favourite natural and organic remedies and organic essential oils below:


Organic Remedies To Support Immune System

Organic Defence Aromatherapy Blend

is a perfect blend of organic aromatherapy essential oils that can help support and defend the human immune system it includes Organic Thyme Essential Oil with purifying Niaouli and the refreshing zing of lemongrass.

As an aromatherapist Thyme, Essential Oil is one of those pure essential oils that I would recommend adding to a spray bottle or blend for the extra fight against certain bacteria and viruses during hospital stays or on holiday. Especially to clean surfaces and the environment.

A great non-toxic product if you want to avoid chemical nasties.


Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Pure organic eucalyptus oil is another powerful essential oil used in organic medicine and natural medicine, and it is particularly used in a lot of cold and flu natural remedies that are applied to the chest or used for inhalation, great diffuse at home during cold, flu or virus seasons.

Eucalyptus is one of my favourite winter essential oils to add to my diffuser Learn More

Organic Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is one of the oldest and well known natural remedies, organic remedies used in the winter months here in the UK. The elderberry tree grows wild in Europe and North America.

Elderberries are known for their high antioxidants and vitamins. Other than being used as a cough syrup it can be a great boost to be added to your cereals, porridge, or fresh juice.


Organic Honey And Thyme Syrup

this is one of the natural organic remedies that your family should have in their home first aid box this winter. It is made of honey, marshmallow extract, thyme flower extract, aniseed fruit extract, and vitamin C at a great price. LEARN MORE


Natural Health Solutions For Your Families Health


Organic Remedies To Treat  Insomnia, and Sleep Issues


Organic Vetivert Essential Oil

Organic vetivert (Vetiveria zizanoides) is an organic essential oil that is deeply sedating and grounding, it is also said to be useful as a nerve tonic.

Vetivert can be a great essential oil to support a deep quality sleep especially if you suffer from insomnia, work night shift, or back shift, and your sleep cycle is compromised.

Caution: Don’t apply directly to skin, add a few drops to a bath or well-diluted in a massage blend. Use vetivert sparingly for example don’t overdo it or continue to use daily without a break as vetivert can absorb and stay in the bloodstream for more than a few days, so good to take a rest from it. Vetivert is also said to repel ticks.


Organic Remedies For Babies And Children

With such an increase in toxic products, many parents are consciously choosing more organic natural baby remedies and natural skin care products to support their babies and children’s well-being.

Natural products for infants and kids that are well-reputed to be more safe, effective, non-toxic, and far healthier for our children’s health and our environment.


Natural Skincare Products For Babies

Natural Baby Organic Collection

A collection of Natural and Organic Baby Balm, Pure Baby Oil, and Organic Baby Bath and Shampoo with lovely organic cotton flannel. The perfect gift to nurture that newborn baby or infant without any toxic nasties. Learn More


Natural Health Solutions For Your Families Health


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  1. Very nice explanation on the difference between the two. I too have started to grow vegetable and fruit growing plants recently, it needs lots of attention and hard work but the end result in the form of fresh and delicious organic products is completely worth it.
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