Is Your Health Your Responsibility?

Is Your Health Your Responsibility? Is your health your responsibility, or is your health your Dr’s responsibility? Are we as a society giving over too much responsibility and control around our health to allopathic medicine and governments? Should governments or medical professionals be able to force medical interventions or take away a persons right to choose?   Is Your Health Your Government’s Responsibility? One of the things we are seeing around the world today is situations where governments are forcing…

Household Toxins – How Toxic Is Your Home

Common Household Toxins – How Toxic Is Your Home? Some of the most common household toxins that could be making you sick. Toxins in your cleaning products, your skin, and body care, in your furniture, bedding even clothes. The Dangers Of Common Household Toxins One of the things I started to become aware of in my early twenties was how much we are surrounded by industrial and household toxins. Toxins can have a serious impact on our health and wellbeing….