Seeking Highly Qualified Holistic Health Experts Who Blog

Are you a health or wellness coach, nutritionist, homeopath or herbalist?

Or maybe an osteopath, healer, mindfulness, meditation or yoga teacher?

Who LOVES to write educational health and wellness blogs?

Who would LOVE to reach a much bigger and wider client audience?

The World of Health is seeking highly qualified therapists who want to increase their reach by guest blogging for us. The World Of Health is a holistic health portal of health and wellbeing information provided by health and wellness experts. We are seeking fresh new holistic articles and blogs written by fully qualified health and wellbeing experts. We want you to write the topics you are most qualified and experienced to practice and teach. 

If you are a holistic writer who have a passion for a more natural and holistic way of living and being. A wellness practitioner who is highly qualified and experienced in their field. Has spent many years to qualify and become an expert in what you do. We want to help you be visible to an audience that wants to get the right health and wellness information. An audience that wants to read wellbeing advice from fully qualified therapists, healers, and coaches in their field who have dedicated their time and energy doing the best training they can.

All blogs or articles must be written in an easy to read but highly educational and professional manner of between 800- 2500 words in native speaking English. All article/blog submission cannot have been or be in the future published anywhere else on the internet. We recommend you back up any health or wellbeing benefits you mention in your blogs when you can with links to research or evidence e.g clinical, medical research. ( We encourage as many links as required to high authority sites including medical research studies)

All blogs can include one link to your business website and one link to another pre-approved page or product/program. Before writing the blog please submit your topic and main keyword for approval

We have permission to refuse any article, blog or links for whatever reason or to suggest amendments for increased reach or SEO purposes. In return we will help promote your blog to The World of Health audience and other associated businesses we own through Twitter, Pinterest,  Facebook and viral marketing software we use.



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